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23 - All My dolls ...

You may notice that some of the girls are missing. You would be right.  I had to choose between Zola and Zoey and decided to keep Zola. I also decided to get rid of my Ikuzi doll. I also got rid of one of my wichtel doll, Sofia.

For now I have got 12 dolls - well 14, if you take into account the two adorable mini coroline dolls that are standing on the side table, next to the lamp.

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22 - Who said it was impossible?

For years I have thought that no one has any interest in those beautiful 60 cm (23") dolls. I have been looking for patterns in order to make them some outfits. I have asked seamstresses if they were willing to make some outfits after sending them their measurements. 
How did I score? Well, one was willing to knit a dress. Not so good.What about me? Did I manage to create some outfits for my dolls? Well, sort of. 
Outfit 1: Remember the 60s or 70s inspired felt dress? I loved it despite the fact it was a bit too short . I have lost the dress while moving out. I am planning on making another one. 
Can anyone tell that the shoes were too big for her? I really need to find some lovely and fitting red shoes.
Outfit 2: I also made a rainbow coloured summer dress, inspired by the pillow dress pattern and using jersey fabric. I have still got the dress and she will rock it this summer.
Looking at those pictures, I realise how much living in the countryside was fun. I could take my dolls …

21 - Un Livre De Patrons Pour Les Poupées Las Reinas

Je suis vraiment contente de ma trouvaille. Cela faisait tellement longtemps que je cherchais des patrons pour les poupées Las Reinas. Ce livre est un cadeau formidable.  Il y a 11 modèles de couture et tricot à réaliser. Je ne sais pas tricoter aussi vais-je juste me contenter de coudre.
Pour chaque tenues, les patrons sont juste après les explications. Les tracés sont superposés mais il est assez facile de s'y retrouver.
Les explications me semblent suffisamment claires et les photos sont jolies. Pour faire simple, j'aime ce livre. 
Cet été sera couture pour Las Reinas. On peut changer les tissus et les couleurs au gré de ses envies. J'aimerais tellement pouvoir trouvé les chaussures: la jolie paire de chaussures rouge et la bleue me font de l'oeil.

20 - Drew: My Tonner black doll

When, last December, I heard about Rober Tonner's new plans, I had to ask about  the black version of My Imagination doll. I received an answer explaining that my fears were justified. 

My first feeling was disappointment. In fact I felt cheated because months ago I had been reassured about the release of that doll. I had made so many plans for her, and I even decided to get two versions of that doll (a honey coloured skin one and a darker one). 

Then after grieving for a while I ended up understanding Mr Tonner's point of view and desires. I therefore set myself a new goal: finding a black Tonner doll I really like and adding her to my collection.

First things first: I am more of a child doll collector than a fashion doll collector. I enjoy seeing other collectors fashion dolls but they are not for me. And as far as child doll are concerned, I don't only focus on collector dolls I also like basic play doll. Another thing is that I like dolls with the basic  5 points of a…

19 - Zola, African Princess

18 - My 4 Wichtel dolls by Rosemarie Müller

I have got three 32 cm tall wichtel dolls.  They are all black with lovely dark brown eyes. However, they don't share the same face mould. 
Bella is the first Wichtel I acquired. She is the typical Wichtel doll with round eyes and round nose. I love her little smile.

Then I got Belsy. She is made using a face mould originally intended for Asian Wichtel dolls. She is a cutie.
And here comes Bontu who used to have two afro puffs on each side of her head. However I ended up cutting them off. Why did I do that?  Because when I was a little girl and used to wear my hair in Afro puffs, I didn't end up with two puffs surrounded by an army of short kinky hair. At the end of the day, I had some fly-aways trying to show how independent, free and untamed they were, but it had nothing to do with her hairstyle. 
Now, I truly and totally love everything about her: her eyes, her nose, her full lips, her slightly open mouth, her round cheeks and of course her short hair.
Who is my favourite …

17 - Ayo

I love her so much and I wanted you to get to see her more.